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Tom Jennings Introduction
Introduction to The World Floor Covering Association's educational video series designed to ease the floor covering shopping experience for customers
Viewing Flooring Samples
The Importance of viewing flooring samples in your home
Hardwood Care And Maintenance

Hardwood care and maintenance is important for preserving the beauty of your wood floors. Like any floor covering, real wood floors will show signs of wear over time, depending on the size and lifestyle of your family. But by observing a few precautions, and using the cleaning and hardwood floor maintenance program recommended by the manufacturer, you can expect years of beauty from your wood floor.

Consider Carpet
Carpet has been the most used flooring product in North America for decades. It has a pleasant soft feel underfoot, provides warmth and insulation when installed over a cold substrate and reduces noise like no other flooring surface. Despite these benefits, some common misconceptions can deter some people from considering carpet as flooring option.
Preparing To Shop For Flooring - Know Your Conditions
In this video we look at what you should know about the condition of your floor before you head to your retailer.
Preparing To Shop For Flooring - Don’t Forget The Swatches
What to include in your "time saving shopping kit" when you visit your local flooring retailer.

Installation – DIY Or Hire A Professional
Should you hire a professional flooring installer or do it yourself?

Understanding Your Flooring Estimate
Are you being quoted an artificially low price?  Some offers may include things like free “basic installation”, “free pad” or “buy one room and get one free”.  Typically these retailers then proceed to charge extra for anything and everything that they possibly can.  Here we talk about some of the questions you should ask to make sure you understand your flooring estimate.
Wood and Water Do Mix

One of the great fallacies of the flooring business is that wood and water don't mix. Of course they do! That's how the tree absorbed the rain and grew in the first place! What is meant by this saying is that since wood never loses its ability to absorb, excess moisture will cause damage to any floor that has wood content.

Asking questions
How to choose your next flooring retailer.

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