Questions to Answer Before You Purchase Your Flooring

Questions to Answer Before You Purchase Your Flooring

Room Location and Function:

  • What room(s) is the flooring for?
  • What is the size of the room (width, length and shape)? (Draw a simple diagram of the room layout.)
  • Is this a remodel project?
  • Is there existing flooring? If yes, what is it?
  • Is the existing floor above grade (suspended), on grade, or below grade?
  • Does the old flooring need to be removed?
  • What is underneath the existing flooring (concrete, plywood, oriented strand board [OSB])?
  • Is the sub-floor level?
  • Does the room stand alone or flow into other rooms?
  • What do you use the room for?
  • Will food or beverages be consumed in this room?
  • Do you have pets? If so, will pets be allowed in this room?
  • Will young children play in this room?
  • Does anyone using this room have allergy concerns?
  • Is there a definite traffic pattern in the room?
  • Do you have any real heavy objects in the room, such as a piano?
  • Are there outside entrances to this room?
  • How much direct sunlight does this room get?
  • Is there the potential for moisture, mold, or mildew in this room?
  • Do you have to run a humidifier in the room?
  • Modern hardwood flooring in living roomDo you have radiant-heated sub-floors?
  • Do you have really heavy furnishing in the room, such as a piano, which could potentially crush or dent flooring?

Design Style

  • What is your décor—contemporary, traditional, ultramodern, rustic, etc.?
  • How do you want the room to feel—casual, formal, etc.?
  • What type of furnishings do you have?
  • Are there a lot of colors/patterns in the room?
  • Are you trying to match the flooring to a specific pattern or color? If so, do you have any fabric, paint chips, etc. that you can take with you when choosing your flooring?

Questions to Ask Prior to Installation

  • What is the cost of installation? What does the cost include?
  • If the old flooring needs to be removed, will installers remove old flooring? If so, what is the cost?
  • Who will dispose of the old flooring? If installers, will there be an extra charge?
  • Do you need furniture removed? If so, will there be an additional charge?
  • For carpet installations, is there an extra charge for carpet cushion? How much will it cost to upgrade the cushion?
  • Contemporary Laminate FlooringFor carpet installations, how will carpet seams be minimized?
    (If possible, ask for a diagram showing the direction of the carpet/pattern and where seams will be placed.)
  • Do you have a preference as to the direction you would like the flooring installed?
  • Does the new flooring need to be acclimated in the room prior to installation (such as with solid hardwood or laminate?)
  • Do you have radiant heated sub-floors?
  • If doors need to be trimmed to accommodate the height of new flooring, is there a charge?
  • If a bathroom installation, who removes the toilet and what is the fee?
  • If a kitchen installation, will appliances be moved, and is there a fee?
  • Do the installers clean up all scraps and messes?
  • If there are extra unopened boxes of flooring after installation, will the retailer buy any of these back?

Preparing for Installation of Your New Flooring

  • Complete any painting and staining before the new flooring is installed.
  • Check your door jambs and other areas that might affect the height of the installation of new flooring.
  • Before installers arrive, if possible, empty the room(s) where the new flooring is to be installed.
  • Make sure there is a clear path for carrying in new flooring, as well as for carrying out old flooring, if needed.
  • Disconnect all appliances and electronics and preferably take these out of the room prior to the installers arriving.
  • Traditional laminate flooring for kitchenRemove and lock up any valuable items, if possible.
  • Consider removing pictures and other items hanging on the walls in the room.
  • If installation requires sanding, cover any cabinets or furniture that cannot be removed from the room.
  • View flooring prior to installation to confirm style, color, etc.
  • Discuss any preferences you have for the direction/pattern/seams of the flooring with the installer.
  • For solid hardwood flooring installations in which no two planks will be exactly the same, have the installer rack out the intended design. Discuss how planks with extreme color variations will be used, in closets or under furniture, for example.
  • Do you need furniture removed? What is the cost to move furniture prior to installation?

After Installation

  • Thoroughly inspect the flooring after the installation is completed and bring to the store’s attention immediately any concerns or issues.
  • If necessary, allow proper ventilation for up to 72 hours after installation. Use fans if necessary.
  • Be sure you are given, have read, and understand all maintenance and warranty information regarding your new flooring.

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