Freshen Your Home Decor for Spring and Summer

Freshening Up Your Home For Spring And Summer

It’s that time, again! With Spring here and Summer around the corner, it’s time to lighten and brighten your home! There are many small changes that you can make so your home feels fresher and more like the season. You will be amazed at how rejuvenated you and your home feel with a few small changes. With today’s current color trends, it’s easy to find bright colors and festive patterns that feel like Spring and Summer. Hot colors for this year include purples, bright pinks, oranges and yellows. Now’s the time to incorporate some of these colors into your home!

Start with your floors

The best way to get in the mood for spring and summer is to start with a fresh clean home!

Your area rugs should be rotated with each season. When you move these, chances are you will have to move some furniture during the process. Take this opportunity to dust, vacuum and sweep in all of those places that get overlooked with routine cleanings. Don’t forget to wipe down your baseboards too.

While you have things moved, why not give the floors a good thorough cleaning.

If you have carpet, take this time to get the room professionally steam cleaned.

If you have laminate or hardwood – clean the whole floor with a manufactured approved cleaner, not just around the area rugs.

If you have tile or stone – clean the whole floor with a manufactured approved cleaner. Also, take the time to clean your grout or have it professionally cleaned.

If you have vinyl or resilient flooring – strip and re-polish the floor if needed. If you have a lower maintenance floor that doesn’t require stripping and polishing, move the chairs and other furniture and clean under them.

With the floors clean, you will feel great about freshening up the rest of your home!

Change the little things and get a big impact!

Area Rugs

  • Replace your oriental rugs or runners with a lighter textile for summer like sisal, sea grass or cotton.
  • Replace bath mats and throw rugs with lighter summer colors.
  • Roll up your area rugs and store them for the summer.

Bed linens

  • Replace your sheets with lighter and brighter colors, even if you just change from beige to white.
  • Change your comforter or throw blankets at the foot of the bed to lighter or brighter summer colors.
  • Change your comforter to a lighter weight comforter.
  • Change blankets at the foot of the bed to a lighter weight.
  • Wash your bed skirts, mattress pads & pillows with a scented detergent.
  • Simply wash and put your pillows and comforters out to dry in the sun for a sun bath (be careful of fabrics that fade).
  • Don’t forget the pet’s bed!

Table linens

  • Change placemats, table runners and table cloths to lighter weights and lighter, fresher colors. Open patterns and solids work nicely.


  • Pillows can make a big difference in the look of a sofa, chair or bed. An inexpensive way to change the look of an entire room is simply to change the pillows.


  • Refresh candles with fruity, floral fragrances. These fresh fragrances will compliment your brighter, lighter look!


  • Change darker, rich toned florals with flowers that are currently in bloom. Sunflowers, lilies or daises work well. Changing your table centerpiece can help transform a whole room.

Think Spring and Summer!

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I am freshening up an older place I bought. Fragrances are not green from what Ive read. I buy fragrance free products when I can.

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