Decorating for Fall, Autumn is in the Air

fall decor

As the leaves begin to turn on the trees it’s time again to decorate for fall. If you love warm colors and cool temperatures, this is your season!

To let the neighbors know you are ready for fall, start with the outside of your home. The first, simple way to get in the fall mood is by hanging a wreath on your door. Since there are so many colors to choose from in the autumn palette, you won’t have any trouble finding a wreath that compliments the exterior of your home and the color of your front door. If you want to give your front porch a little more punch, add some garland that compliments your wreath.

You can also have some fun with your pumpkins. Instead of just setting your pumpkins on the porch, make a room scene out of it. Add some bails of hay, dried corn stalks or a bed of leaves as they change colors. If you already have rocking chairs on the porch, include those in your room scene as well. Mix in some plain pumpkins with your carved ones and colorful dried Indian corn. Also, take advantage of the colors, textures and shapes of squash. Be sure and use the different textures and shapes to create varying heights in your display. You should be able to find these vegetables at your local farmers market or craft store if you want a longer lasting display. To help your carved pumpkins last longer you can purchase a pumpkin dip or bath at your grocery store or coat the carved sections with petroleum jelly. This seals in the pumpkin’s internal moisture to keep it from dehydrating.

On the inside of your home, the first way to set the mood for fall is with candles. The scents associated with fall like pumpkin spice, warm cinnamon and apple cider are sure to start your decorating on the right track. Candles are great because they are inexpensive, easy to find, come in a variety of colors and sizes and can easily be removed when it’s time to start decorating for Christmas! Since a lot of the flavors of fall work well together, try mixing colors and sizes together. You can group candles on table tops, mantles or in candlesticks.

Preparing the dining room table is another great way to show that fall has arrived.

First, start with a decorative table runner. If you find one that you love whether it is patterned or solid, let it be your starting place. It can certainly be another item that starts your theme, but if you are starting from scratch why not start at the bottom. If your runner is patterned, this allows your centerpiece to be simpler so that they do not compete. If you have dishes that compliment your table runner, setting the table is a good opportunity to add a few other decorative touches. If the table is set, you can add creative place card holders like the squash outside - only smaller of course, dried leaves with names written in metallic gold pen or a place card attached to dried or wax fruit. I really like the place setting in the picture above with a solid placemat in place of the table runner, sharp contrasting dishes and a simple yet creative napkin decoration.

Your table centerpiece can be made out of many different things. You can arrange varying sizes, shapes and colored candles on a platter with leaves or cranberries scattered across the plate. If your table is more formal, you can use traditional flowers such as in fall colors. If your table is more casual and you prefer a floral centerpiece, use a pumpkin or colorful pottery as your container. This is your chance to get creative. There are no rules here other than paying attention to your size and proportion. You could even mix gift boxes with dried/wax fruits and vegetables. The table centerpiece is a place to express your personality, so use items that mean something to you and your family. If your centerpiece is truly the focal point and the rest of the table is plain and simple, you could add sepia toned photos of your kids playing in the leaves to fruit, florals, or candles.

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