Decadent Flooring Design - Carpet

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; Chair Holder CMG

Imagine if budget was not a consideration as you made flooring choices for your new design.  What would you choose?  Which innovative products would you explore?  And would you even know where to look to find the best of the best?

If you are a consumer, this product “tour” will bring to light some magnificent finds.  And if you’d like to know where you can purchase these new products, feel free to utilize the website’s Dealer Locator feature, to direct you to quality retailers in your area.  

Attending trade shows is an excellent way to preview new introductions.  I came away from the Surfaces trade show in January with a product ‘wish list’ come true.  I was searching for products that went beyond “hot” and were stand-outs in innovation.  And I found them:

Couristan is noted for their upscale carpet designs (both broadloom and area rugs).  Elegant designs in unusual color palettes are their signature calling card.  Broadloom designs in pastels, large-scale florals, woven designs on dark backgrounds—these are all hallmarks of Couristan Carpets.  If you are in search of a work-of-art for your floor, definitely research Couristan.

Natural wool carpets add a timeless element to a design, and no one is more invested in producing and providing quality wool—worldwide—than Wools of New Zealand.  They have recently partnered with a new brand called Laneve.  As a companion to the Wools of New Zealand brand, Laneve carpets go beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability and traceability of the wool itself.  If sustainability, quality, and excellence in meeting environmental standards are important to you, this is definitely a brand you should know more about.  

Quality manufacturers align themselves with Wools of NZ as a key resource.  As an example, Prestige Mills (Concepts International Division) has introduced a line of new products that are wool/silk blends.  The designs are bold and truly decadent.  The hand of these beautiful textiles is soft, dense and beyond luxurious.  Wool and wool/silk blends have amazing dying capacity, and the true, rich colors make an irrefutable design statement.

If we are going to adequately address decadent design, then custom carpets must be on the list.  If you are on a quest to have a one-of-a-kind carpet made to your specifications, this is entirely possible.  Included in this article is a picture of a silky, long-strand, shaggy wool carpet.  The look and feel brings extreme luxury to any room.  With certain yardage minimums, you can have exactly the color you want.  This particular line is from Antrim Carpets. Antrim Carpets USA, is a leading importer and wholesaler of hand-tufted carpets and custom rugs from overseas.  Antrim products are hand loomed using 100% wool, natural latex and ‘action backing’. The process begins with the selection of yarns using the longest wool fibers available. The final product is a lush and extravagant carpet for your home.

Consider that I’ve just scratched the surface on this topic of decadent floor coverings.  I have yet to delve into natural stone, wood, porcelain, and ceramic.  That will come in Part II—coming soon in Designer’s Corner—just for you.

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