Damaging The Floor

Designer’s Corner Questions


#1 If you have boys that are kind of destructive and would roller skates on the floors, would that hurt the floors?

#2 If you have a dog; would their nails hurt the floor?

#3 Is rubber underlayment the best for noise control and for lasting installation?


Roller skates - I would check with the manufacturer of your floor to see if the roller skates will void your warranty if there is any damage as a result. Laminate floors are very durable, but the stopping and turning might cause excessive wear that is not covered by your warranty.

Dog’s nails - Laminate floors are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Scratches show less over time, but cannot be repaired. Large dogs are riskier than small dogs, of course, but it sounds like laminate is your best solution for a home with kids and dogs. You certainly don’t want those boys falling down on a tile floor and the dog’s nails will definitely hurt hardwood floors more than laminate! We recommend keeping your pet’s nails trimmed. If a board gets severely damaged, it can always be replaced. Definitely, call a professional to replace any boards!

Underlayment - purchase the best underlayment that is offered with your floor for noise control, long lasting installation and comfort. This is the most important choice (other than the quality of the product) that you can purchase.

Also, remember to use walk off mats at every entrance to keep dirt and sand from scratching your floors and always use the proper cleaner.

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