Hand Picking Natural Stone

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Can I hand pick my natural stone so that each piece looks the same?


Not only would it be outrageously expensive, wasteful and virtually impossible to hand pick each piece of natural stone, it’s just not possible. Part of the beauty and elegance of natural stone is that each piece does not look the same. In fact, some pieces of natural stone look like they aren’t even from the same color family or pattern! When the installation is complete and all of the colors and patterns are together, the real beauty surfaces.

When shopping for a natural stone, be sure to ask for multiple samples so that you won’t be surprised. If possible, also ask for a photo of a completed install of the product. From here, look at the floor as a whole picture rather than individual pieces.

These same rules apply to natural stone countertops. One end of the slab may look like the sample, but a few feet down may have a patch that changes pattern and sometimes color. Again, this should be expected and tells the story of history of the stone.

Design tip: The more range of color in a natural stone product, the more design options you have. The more colors you have in the stone, the more colors you can pull for the color scheme in your home. Also, the more movement there is, the less likely you will be to grow tired of the product.

If you are looking for a stone look where each piece is more uniform, try choosing a porcelain or ceramic tile. There are options available that look a lot like the real thing.

It can be overwhelming to commit to natural stone with a lot of range if you are not good at visualizing, but the end result is a unique product that no one else can have!

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