Bluetooth Baths - Customize Your Experience

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

The term “bluetooth bathroom” may sound like an alliteration that doesn’t go together in the same sentence, but it most certainly does.  Bathroom design has taken a big turn towards technology while embracing three big design trends:  Wellness (think of the in-home spa), Rejuvenation (turning back the clock) and Simplistic Luxury (in both form and function). 

Coming away from a recent seminar on technology in bath design, I was amazed and excited to share with you what I learned.  Here are some of the “future now” products transforming the home bath experience:

  1. Handles, levers, control knobs that clutter the bathroom shower design can be pretty much eliminated by installing a digital shower control panel.  This one touch, condensed screen can turn on or off numerous showerheads, control water temperature, select your pre-programmed music (via Bluetooth) control lighting in the room, and even activate steam.  Now the beautiful design materials you choose--from tile to stone--are the focal point of your shower or bath, not metal control hardware.
  2. For new construction in custom homes, builders are incorporating luxury bathrooms that feature as many as six showerheads, (all with just one point of installation) and from one control panel the user can orchestrate all six (ex:  multiple body sprays, hand held sprays, or rain heads.)  Now that’s luxury and simplicity!
  3. Parents can even pre-set maximum water temps using a simple two-function control unit.  This is an excellent safety feature you can have in a basic 2-function control unit.  Affordable and suitable for retro-fits and remodels.
  4. In-home spa units are now on the market that kick-up the luxury aspect of the bath exponentially.  These unique spas provide dry heat that detoxifies skin, while incorporating sensory features such as chroma therapy (light enhancing wellness), aroma therapy (calming scent-induced stress relievers), LED (mood lighting) and Bluetooth controlled music.
  5. Kicking it up to the next level of luxury, you might be interested in the horizontal shower.  This is the epitome of relaxation while multiple rain heads gently cleanse, massage and relax you.
  6. Bluetooth controlled steam showers are making a splash.  Using your iPhone, iPad or similar device, you can control from your bedside the start-up of a steam shower (usually requiring a 10-minute lead time), as well as your choice of music and special lighting.  Steam showers are becoming an important health aid for those suffering from respiratory conditions or skin conditions.
  7. Entering the market is the thermal air tub.  This is the next generation cousin to the whirlpool bath.  It cleanses with micro-bubbles and detoxifies skin while in cleanses.  Amazing results have been documented using the thermal air tub as therapy for people suffering with severe eczema or psoriasis.  An added benefit to this new-wave of tub—the oxygenated bubbles inflate skin cells to increase a youthful appearance!
  8. TV mirrors are the hottest item on the market.  When off, all you see is an attractive, functional mirror.  But it camouflages a big-screen TV.  Need extra storage space in your bathroom?  Mirrors can hide a multitude of cubbies and storage shelves to keep your design uncluttered.
  9. Kohler has introduced the VibrAcoustic tub.  This tub incorporates speakers above and below the water line so you not only hear your favorite music, you can feel the underwater music vibrations.
  10. Last, but not least, there is now a roll-out mat system that is a “roll and plug” heating underlayment for floors.  (NuHeat in SoCal and WarmUp in AZ offer such systems.)  For pennies a day, you can heat your bathroom floors to a cozy temperature.  These roll-out mats can be cut on site to the exact shape and size needed, and best of all, they are suitable for use under any type of hard surface flooring.  Now that’s news!




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